Welcome to Overhauled MC 

A Minecraft server that was built with the intention of improving 

the vanilla survival and making it fun for everybody

Here you can help support the server, help it last longer and allow us to increase the number of players that can play on it at the same time.


As hosting is currently covered by only 2 people, the money put aside will last us a year. But don't worry that does not mean we will close the server. We will invest more if we consider the server is a success and people are interested in donating to help us improve the hosting (which will result in better performance and in even fewer chances of lagging) and motivating us to keep up the work.


So please, don't hesitate, pick how you want to support the server, and claim your reward.

Otherwise, just donate to us and it will be enormously appreciated. 

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/uJCQGcvFt6

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