Name: VIP
Price: 5.00 EUR


Private +1

Stop the rain 


5 days of temp fly

The timer only runs out if you are flying

Coloured nickname 

You cannot change your name, just the colour

Normal colours, hex codes and gradients will work.

No limits to the colours.


/nick &dBambui_Zepelin
/nick {#yellow}Bambui_Zepelin
/nick {#yelow>}Bambui_Zepelin{#black<} 
/nick {#d6784f>}Bambui_Zepelin{#77a832<}
/nick {#yelow>}Bambui_{#green<>}Zepelin{#black<} 
More info here.

Coloured books.

Coloured signs.

Check colours using:

/colors | /colorpicker

VIP rank on Discord.

Lasts 30 days.