Name: MVP
Price: 10.00 EUR


Private +1
Public +1

Inventory Sort

Allows you to sort your inventory just like the Chest Sort.

AFK kick Bypass

You won't get kicked for being AFK.


5 days of temp fly

The timer only runs out if you are flying

Control the time and weather

    /day | /night | /morning | /sun


    Easy access to Enderchest 

    /ender | /ec


      Shulker as backpack

      Open the Shulker box without placing it by using Shift + Right Click while holding it in hand.


        Colour your name

        You can set your nickname just like with VIP.


        Head Database Acceess

        /heads | /hdb search [something]

        Colour your item names in the anvil.

        You can use hex codes and gradients too. 


          MVP rank on Discord.


          Lasts 30 days.